21 December 2012

Designer Creates Affordable Brand Logos For $5 In 5 Minutes

We have seen the cost of famous logos and the price that companies pay to have them designed.

But no one said good logos had to cost a bomb.

Illustrative designer Von Glitschka is offering to create personal brand logos for a low cost of US$5, in five minutes.

His business, called ‘5ive Minute Logo’, promises to deliver “design awesomeness”.

All that’s required: a $5 Paypal payment, the name and type of the business and a valid email address.

Using his iPad, he will design a custom-made vector logo in “5ive minutes flat” and send it via email for you to use in however you’d like.

What do you think of his ‘5ive minute’ logos?

Check out some of the sample logos below:

[via Von Glitschka, image via Facebook]