26 December 2012

Café Walls Changes According To The Weather

In a pattern similar to the house that changes its shape based on the weather, Nex Architecture has won an international competition to design a unique retractable café in the UK.

The task was to create an exceptional and innovative new café for Duke of York Square—at the heart of one of London’s most upscale neighborhoods.

“The Jury was won over by NEX’s design, which combines functionality with a sense of elegant self-containment–their building will be sleek as well as inventive and fun,” said Chief Executive of the Cadogan Estate, Hugh Seaborn.

Nex offered a concept in an ‘organic coiled form’, which features a roof terrace and a glass wall that rises and falls according to the weather.

The 980 square-feet café has two levels—the ground level where glazed walls can be retracted to allow free-flowing movement of people and air during warm weather, and the roof level that has an outdoor patio to admire high-level views of the square and its surroundings.

“We think it will intrigue passers-by and become a mini-landmark on the King’s Road. We look forward to working with the team as they develop their design for planning,” added Seaborn.

[via Nex Architecture]