30 December 2012

An Embroidered Cape Made Of Golden Spider Web

It took three years for textile expert Simon Peers and fashion designer Nicholas Godley to create this beautiful embroidered cape that is made of golden spider silk (web).

Working with a team of more than 80 people—including spider handlers—they spent three years looking for golden orb spiders across Madagascar, where the both Peers and Godley reside.

A total of 1.2 million spiders were caught—each harnessed and milked to produce between 100-160 feet of thread—sometimes up to 400 yards, before being released back to nature.

The extraordinary golden silk was hand-twisted together to form unbreakable threads before hand-woven on looms to produce the stunning cape.

"I hate sounding pretentious, but what we wanted to do here was produce something that was a work of art. I feel like what we’ve produced in some ways is more exceptional because of the extraordinary amount of effort that went into it. If we were doing all of this to make money, I could think of much, much easier ways to do it,” shares Godley.

[via Godley and Peers]