30 December 2012

Pixar Artist Designs 365 New Superheroes

Mr. Whisper

Like most people, Pixar artist Everett Downing has a New Year’s resolution—his resolution is to finish the project that he started three years ago—designing 365 brand new superheroes by 2013.

For the project called ‘365 Supers’, Downing’s initial plan was to create 365 new heroes for each day of the year—however according to Downing he said that he got into a “rut” and was unable to accomplish his goal.

“…I wasn’t drawing enough and a friend told me I was over-thinking things,” Downing told Wired, “I just needed to do something I was really into that wouldn’t require too much thinking.”

“I started thinking about designing superheroes and the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to do it. I threw the gauntlet down and decided to draw a super every day.”

Downing also added that the project helped him in terms of creativity: “It helped me loosen up—I was getting stagnant in my drawing. I was reluctant to take risks.”

“When you’re really tense, you’re not as flexible; it’s not as easy to get back to things. When you’re loose, if you fall down you bounce back up. If you’re tense, something will break.”

Downing has created 289 superheroes so far and he hopes to complete the project by 2013.

Check out some of his works below:

Blue Diamond

Shock and Awesome

Kid Comet

Gentleman Pugilist





The Undertaker

The Nutcracker

The Man Handler

[via Wired and Everett Downing]