28 December 2012

Mesmerizing 3D Pavement Artworks

Street artist Kurt Wenner has displayed a collection of amazing 3D pavement art.

Known for his three-dimensional art forms that consist of street painting, pavement art, chalk art, or sidewalk art, Wenner has enticed crowds with these forms of ‘anamorphic perspective’.

Wenner also spends his life creating new art forms and educational programs through different mediums.

“My paintings invite rediscovery of many artistic traditions, and I enjoy incorporating mythology, allegory, literature, and theatre into the compositions… I particularly like to challenge my audience with a wealth of allusions — historical, stylistic, and perceptual. While some viewers recognize and appreciate the content, others admire the richly embellished surfaces or technical ability. I especially enjoy working on large pieces that “encompass’” the viewer,” shares Wenner.

“By combining painting with sculpture and architecture, I force them to interact in new ways that often blurs the distinction between them. The traditional appearance of my work is my strongest illusion, as it obscures the bold and original use of perspective I employ.”

[via Kurt Wenner]