26 December 2012

Artist Creates 500 Santa Sand Sculptures

Indian sand sculpture artist Sudarsan Pattinaik , together with 30 of his students, have created a massive installation that features 500 ‘Sand-tas’ this Christmas.

The installation also consists of one big sand sculpture of Jesus with a message to the world: “Go green, save earth”.

Pattinaik’s latest sand installation is the new record from his previous 100 Santas back in 2009.

It is usually through his art that Pattinaik tries to raise awareness of various world issues, such as endangered species and AIDS in his home country.

“I always try to give some awareness messages through my sculpture to the world so I chose the awareness about global warming through Santas as the subject of the year end and I hope the sand sculpture of Santa clauses will place in the Limca Book of World Records,” said Pattinaik.

[via India Education Diary]