21 December 2012

Famous Paintings Recreated With Gummy Bears

After featuring an artist who creates portraits of celebrites out of candies, here’s one who uses gummy bears to “paint”.

Meppen-based German artist Johannes Cordes created his first piece of gummy bear art by accident a few years ago—the piece actually found a buyer and Cordes has been producing gummy bear artworks ever since.

Have worked on customized portraits and recreations of famous paintings,—like the Mona Lisa—the artist used up about three tons of gummy bears a year, which amount to 200 packs in just a week.

As gummy bears only comes in six colors, he often had to paint them in custom colours to achieve the desired effect—each artwork is a labour of love that takes between 100 and 240 hours to complete.

View more of his beautiful edible art on his website.

[via Johannes Cordes]