23 December 2012

A Portrait That Spans The Length Of 2 Football Fields

Cuban-American contemporary artist Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada has created a gigantic aerial portrait in Amsterdam that spans the length of two football fields—the largest ever made on Dutch soil.

Measuring 125 by 170 meters, 8 kilometers of rope, 7 tons of straw, 150 cubic meter of soil, 300 cubic meters of sand and 1150 wooden poles were used to put together the likeness of an anonymous Mesoamerican female human rights activist.

Commissioned by feminist organization Mama Cash for its campaign Vogelvrije Vrouwen (Defend Women Who Defend Human Rights), this huge piece of artwork was completed with the help of 80 volunteers.

The portrait will fade gradually under the influence of wind and weather—go on a 360 degrees virtual tour of it, while it lasts.

[via Design Boom]