25 December 2012

Massive, Awe-Inspiring Snow Art Created With Just A Pair Of Snow Shoes

England-based artist Simon Beck creates massive, beautifully intricate snow art by trampling through freshly fallen snow in a pair of snow shoes.

Creating most of his work at Les Arcs snow resort in France—where he owns an apartment and spend most of the winter—Beck’s snow patterns are derived from the world of geometry and “crop circles”.

Working alone,, each piece of awe-inspiring artwork takes the 54-year-old artist about ten hours on average to complete—some of them are unfinished because his feet got cold and hurt too much to continue.

Carving out these gigantic pieces footstep by footstep, the artist pulled off these impressive physical feats because he is aided by years of competitive orienteering.

View more of his gorgeous works on his Facebook page.

[via This Is Colossal]