26 December 2012

Intricate Sculptures Carved From Egg Shells

When Chinese artist Wen Fuliang was laid off his job as a wood carver, he turned his work skill into an unusual art form—by carving intricate sculptures on eggshells.

Using chicken, goose and duck eggs, he empties the content of the eggs with a syringe, before using a fine diamond bit on an electric rotary tool to delicately carve the designs on the intricate shells.

The process, according to The Daily Mail, is “incredibly time-consuming”, and requires Fuliang to gently secure the eggshell in one hand, and skillfully use the rotary tool in the other.

Fuliang, who is from the Shaanxi province, has been practicing eggshell carving for more than 10 years.

Check out his unique talent below:

[via The Daily Mail]