27 December 2012

The Typical Female Mac User Is A Cute Freckled Girl In Jeans?

Mobile app company BlueStacks has just released an amusing anatomical look at the typical female mac user—according to this infographic, Ms. Mac is likely to be a cute freckled girl in jeans.

Part of the company’s effort to promote its beta software that lets Android programs run on Macs, BlueStacks admits that the data is unscientific, “but then again, so is love”.

Deriving this data from its 1.1 million Facebook fans, their “research” shows that 52% of female mac users would have freckles, 18% would have unusually large heads, 43% wear glasses while 52% and 77% would wear t-shirts and jeans respectively.

Are you a female mac user and does this look like you? Or if you are a guy who uses Android, do you resemble Mr. Android?

Scroll down for the full infographic:

Click on image for enlarged version

[via All Things D]