20 December 2012

Artist Creates Multilayered Sculpture Of President Obama

Georgia-based artist Michael Murphy has recently unveiled a huge 8’ X 6’ X 7’ cardboard sculpture of US President, Barack Obama.

The sculpture consists of 66 hand-cut cardboard plates suspended with white braided fibers.

As viewers move around the sculpture, the image of the president becomes distorted and the layers become separate pieces.

According to Murphy, the sculpture was meant to take on different meanings depending on the viewer’s vantage point.

“The goal with this piece was to capture Barack Obama's essence in a way that formally referenced the current political climate in America and offered a tactile glimpse at the divide between its two dominant political parties,” Murphy wrote.

“In the distortion, viewers are encouraged to see the red and blue edges of the plates as indications of the electoral divides. From the side, the forward momentum of the piece, as it protrudes out into space suggests growth, progress, movement, and the partisan divide.”

[via Michael Murphy]