28 December 2012

Artist Creates Mini Ice Sculptures As Titanic Tribute

Brazilian artist Néle Azevedo has brought her famous ‘Minimum Movement’ project to Belfast, Northern Ireland.

In her project, 1,517 tiny human ice sculptures were made to commemorate those who died in the sinking of Titanic.

Known for capturing attention on the streets, Azevedo sees her sculptures as a transition between life and death.

Azevedo writes, “The Minimum Monument project is a critical reading of the monument in the contemporary cities. In a few-minutes action, the official canons of the monument are inverted: in the place of the hero, the anonym; in the place of the solidity of the stone, the ephemeral ice; in the place of the monumental scale, the minimum scale of the perishable bodies.”

The Minimum Movement project has been spotted in other cities in previous years; these cities include Sao Paulo, Havana, Tokyo, Kyoto, Paris, Berlin, Porto and Florence.

[via Belfast Festival]