26 December 2012

Heineken Creates A Social Media Powered LED Screen With 5,000 Beer Bottles

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To celebrate its 140th anniversary, Dutch beer brand Heineken has constructed a gigantic, interactive LED screen with 5,000 beer bottles—weighing a hefty 40 tons—that is powered by Facebook messages.

People from all over the world have been invited to submit their pictures and celebration messages on the project’s Facebook page—the best ones would then be shared on the “bottle wall” located in Amsterdam.

“Heineken’s proud to celebrate its 140th anniversary – not by dwelling on history but by reaching out to the world and inviting everybody to join in, just as we have been connecting people since we first launched.”

Each bottle contain an LED light, which is effectively turned into a pixel on the screen.

Taking a 50-person crew seven days to build, you can view this amazing bottle wall on a live feed—and perhaps, look out for your own message?

Watch it in action in the video below:

[via Dexigner]