28 March 2014

A Fun Illustrated Guide To Identifying The Types Of Cyclists In NYC

Brooklyn, New York-based illustrator Kurt McRobert has come up with a series of colorful and modern illustrations entitled ‘NYC Bikers’ that will help you to spot the different types of cyclists in NYC.

He has even included a snippet at the bottom to help you identify them based on the type of bicycle they are riding, the clothes they wear, and the vibe they give off.

For example, ‘The Fixie Kid’ is described as, “The cyclist you love to hate. While often dismissed as a dangerous fashion trend, the cyclist yearns for simplicity and harmony in the gritty chaos of NYC. They can be easily recognized by their brightly colored, brake-less bicycles and non-stop pedaling.”

Scroll down to see the rest.

[via Kurt McRobert]