27 March 2014

Moss FM, The World's First Radio That Is Powered By Plants

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Swiss product designer Fabienne Felder has created Moss FM, the world’s first radio powered by plants.

Working together with scientists from Cambridge University, Dr. Paolo Bombelli and Ross Dennis, Felder has successfully harvested the natural process of photosynthesis.

Moss FM is described as "biophilic design". Biophilia is a hypothesis that states that plants and human beings have an instinctive bond.

According to Felder, "Moss FM makes use of an emerging biophilic technology called Biophotovoltaics. Electrons and protons produced by photosynthesising plants are harnessed and transformed into electrical current."

To find out more about Moss FM, visit its page here.

Watch how it works below:

Moss FM from Fabienne Felder on Vimeo.

[via VICE]