27 March 2014

World’s Smallest Sandcastles Made On Grains Of Sand Are Amazingly Detailed

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Artist Vik Muniz, who is known for his large-scale installations, has gone to the other extreme of the spectrum with his drawings of microscopic sandcastles that are made on tiny grains of sand.

After years of research and experimentation, in collaboration with artist and researcher Marcelo Coelho, Muniz was finally able to etch his incredibly detailed illustrations of sandcastles onto individual grains of sand using a “Focused Ion Beam”.

This microscopic drawing process is capable of creating a line that is only 50 nanometers wide—considering that a human hair is about 50,000 nanometers wide, this is very small indeed.

After making these amazingly miniscule drawings, the artist then photographs them and then enlarge them into four feet wide prints—these fascinating images are currently on display at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

Find out more about this project in the video below by The Creators Project.

[via This Is Colossal]