28 March 2014

Incredibly Sweet Photos Of A Golden Retriever And His Brood Of Fluffy Chicks

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Los Angeles-based photographer Candice Sedighan has released heart-melting photographs of her 11-year-old golden retriever, Champ, who recently adopted a family of baby chicks as his own.

Sedighan happened to run into a man who had gotten the chicks at a hatchery a day ago, but he decided that he couldn’t keep them. She then took the chicks in, intending to donate them to a local college’s teaching farm.

She was initially unsure about how Champ would react to them, but judging by the photos, he has fallen completely in love with his new fluffy little brood.

Sedighan said, "Senior dogs are also just undeniably sweet and full of wisdom. One of my biggest goals, through my photos, is to show others that senior dogs can be cute, too! It seems that puppy photos and videos are quite popular these days, and, of course, puppies are adopted much more quickly in shelters and rescues. I hope these photos help people have a change of heart and give seniors a chance!"

Check out the video and images below.

[via My Modern Met, images via Candice Sedighan]