31 March 2014

Poignant Portraits Of Black Dogs Who Are Often Overlooked For Adoption

Massachusetts-based photographer Fred Levy has recently launched the Black Dogs Project, a portrait series of black dogs that highlights their difficulty in getting adopted.

By photographing black dogs against a black background, Levy aims to shed light on the problem of black dogs being treated differently than other dogs.

His project came to be as he spoke to workers from the pet industry and at animal shelters. Their observation was that black dogs and are often overlooked by adopters.

There seems to be a certain stereotype against dark-colored animals. It is known as “Black Dog Syndrome” or "Black Dog Bias", something that was probably ingrained through depictions of black dogs as evil dogs in movies and books.

Levy wanted to fight against that. According to him, “I thought this project would be a good graphic challenge and everyone has a really great story to tell, I want to bring awareness to this issue and remind people who are searching for the perfect dog that black dogs have great personalities too."

To read more about these dogs and the Black Dogs Project, click here.

[via Huffington Post]