30 March 2014

Hilarious Ad Urges Danes To ‘Do It For Denmark’, Have Sex While On Holiday

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Danish travel agency Spies Rejser has come up with a thoroughly hilarious and saucy ad that urges Danes to ‘do it for Denmark’ to reverse the country’s declining birth rate.

In the ad, we are introduced to Emma, a Danish woman who was conceived 30 years ago in a hotel room in Paris. According to statistics, Danes have 46% more sex while abroad and Emma is part of the 10% of all Danish children made while on holiday.

A therapist then pops up to explain that traveling and new experiences allow couples to see each other in a new light, releasing endorphins that ramp up the desire to have sex.

As expected, the fun, light-hearted ad is packed with requisite visual imagery like an exploding bottle of champagne and sperm fertilizing an egg. And for those who’ve already done their part or can’t conceive, it gently reminds them that the fun lies in the participation.

To urge Danes to get it on, the company is also offering an ‘Ovulation Discount’ to couples who conceive on trips booked through its website. In addition, they can stand to win a free child-friendly vacation and three year’s worth of baby supplies if they submit proof that they were traveling when the pregnancy occurred.

Find out more about the ‘Do It For Denmark’ campaign here.

What do you think of the ad? Danish citizens, would you rise to the occasion and do your part for your country?

[via Daily Mail, video via Spies Rejser]