27 March 2014

April Fool's Prank? Brand Introduces Dogwear Line 'American Beagle Outfitters'.

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American clothing brand American Eagle Outfitters has recently launched their brand new line of clothing for dogs.

The line is named American Beagle Outfitters, and they have even created a ‘Dogumentary’ to introduce how this new line came to be.

The styles of clothing on the site is termed as "next level" and "beach meets street.", being looks that "match back to" American Eagle's "brand DNA."

As of now, this dogwear line seems to be just an April Fool’s prank from the brand. The website links to a donation to the ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) when you shop at American Eagle.

A dollar from every order will also be donated back to the ASPCA.

Watch the Dogumentary below to find out more:

[via Fashionista]