27 March 2014

An App That Helps You Triple Your Reading Speed On Mobile Devices

With so much information at our fingertips these days, we cannot help but feel that we are simply not reading quickly enough—new app Spritz has set out to “reinvent reading on mobile devices” by helping us to read faster.

You may not know this, but 80% of the time spend on reading goes to the physical task of moving our eyes around the page—to cut down this “eye-roving” time, Spritz would flash one word at a time onto the screen so that we no longer have to move our eyes.

The app allows the user to set a reading speed that they find comfortable—at 250 words per minute, which is slightly faster than the average traditional reading speed of 220 words per minute, it is generally easy to keep up with the streaming words.

According to the Spritz team, many people are already at 1,000 words per minute, which means that it would take them just 10 hours to finish a novel with a thousand pages.

This innovative app would be available with the release of Samsung Galaxy S5 and Gear 2—Spritz also offers licensing options for its integration within operating systems, applications, websites and wearable technologies.

If you are someone who goes through a lot of content on your mobile devices, this app would definitely come in handy—find out more about it on its website.

[via A Cup Of Jo]