30 March 2014

In New Zealand, A Pop-Up Burger King Motel Where You Can Eat Its New Burger

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In Auckland, New Zealand, the agency ColensoBBDO has come up with an intriguing way to market Burger King’s new TenderCrisp burgers.

The agency converted an existing motel to sport the logo of the fast food chain, and invited its customers to “cheat on” its trademark burger, the Whopper, by eating the new burger in the motel’s rooms. Reservations were made on Facebook and up to four people could dine in a suite.

Although the rooms had the necessary amenities, there were no beds as they were furnished for customers who are there to eat the burger.

The chain's logo could also be found on the hotel key card and the packaging of the suite’s toiletries.

Check out this pop-up motel below.

[via Golem 13 and Update Or Die]