27 March 2014

A School In Switzerland With A Fantastic 3D Space Invaders Installation

Street artists Leon Keer and Remko van Schaik have created a fantastic 3D installation of the classic Space Invaders arcade game on the EPLF campus in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Made for the campus’ Art on Science project, the giant artwork measures 150-square-meters and took six days to build.

According to Keer, the most challenging aspect of it was creating the game’s characters. “To get the right geometrical shape of every Invader and in good proportion with the other Invaders took a lot of calculations and a good amount of concentration.”

The piece both impressed and baffled students, who walked around it trying to figure out how the 3-dimensional effect was achieved.

The installation will be on display from now til 10 April 2014.

Check out some pictures below and view more here.

[via My Modern Met, images via Street Painting]