27 March 2014

Engineering Student Creates Amazing GIFs Inspired By Math And Physics

French engineering student Hugo Germain creates amazing GIFs inspired by math and physics, two subjects he is currently studying.

He first comes up with an idea or concept and quickly draws it down before he forgets, before bringing his doodles to life in After Effects or Cinema 4D.

“Each gif has its own story but mainly it’s a way for me to provide inspiration and make people question basic things we take for granted. I often wonder “What if this or that was different/existed? What would that look like? Being able to actually create an answer to that question is very exciting for me, and I guess that’s also what people like about it.”

Germain’s GIFs range from a female and male chromosome fusing together to a red marker emitting fumes, all of which has an element of playfulness and whimsy about them.

View some of his animations below and head over to his website for more.

[via Beautiful Decay and really shit, GIFs via Hugo Germain]