31 March 2014

Photographer Captures The Primitive Weapons Used By Ukrainian Protesters

‘The DIY Weapons Of Maidan’ is an eye-opening photo series by London-based photographer Tom Jamieson, in which he captures the primitive weapons crafted by the protesters in Ukraine.

According to Feature Shoot, Jamieson was initially frustrated that he wasn’t “contributing anything new to the coverage” of the Maidan Square protest. He then decided to turn his attention to the weapons used by the protesters.

He said, “It was actually in the last two days of the protests that I decided to focus purely on the weapons and completely remove them from the chaotic background of what was going on around Maiden Square.”

With the help of an assistant, they set up a makeshift studio, and captured the menacing weapons against a black backdrop, as their owners held onto them.

Some images depict weapons like bats and pitchforks, while others appear more sinister, like a club with rusty crooked nails sticking out from its head, and a baton affixed with jagged blades.

[via Feature Shoot, images via Tom Jamieson]