28 March 2014

Cheeky Calendar Marks ‘Alcoholidays’, Gives Us 12 More Reasons To Drink Up

New Jersey-based creative services company One Trick Pony has been celebrating the “Alcoholidays”—we assume these are holidays that are centered around alcohol consumption—for ten years.

For 2014, its creative team decided to mark the occasion in “true, ridiculous, and over-the-top style”—they created 12 new holidays for their clients that are detailed in a pin-up calendar, which features men of the agency as models.

Processed with a two-color overprint technique, its pages are transformed when one looks at them through the custom decoder glasses that accompanies it—this special calendar also comes with a mini bottle of vodka.

View more images of this inspiring calendar below and on the agency’s Facebook page—unfortunately, it seems that it was only handed out to One Trick Pony’s clients and is not for sale.

[via Lovely Package]