28 March 2014

Intricate Illustrations Symbolize The Various Aspects Of A Designer’s Life

Russian branding agency Brandberry wanted to create its own set of stickers, but did not want to simply print their logo—so they made a series of wonderfully detailed illustrations that pays tribute to the life of a designer.

Taking inspiration from diverse sources, including Buddhism, tattoos and Chiromancy, the Brandberry team “mix different styles, cultures and symbolism with design reality” to create these awesome stickers.

Packing in a lot of details,—“We paid so much attention to details that each sticker should be viewed under a microscope.”—the stickers are made out in black against a transparent background.

Each illustration symbolizes a significant aspect of a designer’s life—for instance, an image of a king represents the client.

View more images of these stickers for designers here.

“A designer’s client. Money, status and eyes closed. Keep calm and make the logo bigger”.

“Hourglass of deadline with a very wide neck.”

“Two triangles with symbols of the designer’s tools.”

“The Holy Grail as a cocktail symbolized the work completed.”

[via Abduzeedo]