31 March 2014

In NYC, ‘Professional Line Sitters’ Who Would Wait In A Queue for You

Chelsea resident Robert Samuel has an interesting occupation—he is one of a growing group of “professional line sitters” in New York City, who get paid to stand in line for anything from Cronuts and iPhones to the latest must-see exhibition.

In an interview with Racked, the founder of “Same Ole Line Dudes” or SOLD Inc gives us a glimpse into the life of someone who queues for a living. Samuel started his line-sitting career after losing his job—his first queue job was for a newly released iPhone, where he made US$200 for a weekday afternoon’s wait.

Other than standing in line, the professional line sitter also makes money with entrepreneurial ideas like renting out milk crates at US$5 a pop to people who got tired of standing in line.

Read the full interview with Samuel here—you can contact him via Twitter if you are on the look-out for someone to queue up on your behalf.

Do you think you would ever hire a professional line sitter?

[via Racked]