27 March 2014

Illustrations From The Original Patent For The LEGO Brick Explain How It Works

The LEGO brick’s simple but ingenious stacking system is the brainchild of Danish carpenter Ole Kirk Christiansen, who started selling wooden toy bricks in 1932.

Considering how these toy bricks have gone on to take over the toy world and capture the hearts of both children and adults, these illustrations that was made for it original patent filed in 1958 would certainly be of great interest to all LEGO-lovers.

Detailing both the anatomy of the brick and the ways in which it could be connected to other bricks, these drawings are a visual guide to how LEGO works.

After more than half a century, the design of the LEGO brick has essentially remained the same—can you think of any ways to improve this famous toy brick?

[via The Khooll]