27 March 2014

A Game Designed As 'Playful Rehabilitation' For Seniors Undergoing Trauma

Canada-based industrial design student Allison Chow has created Hippo, a game that doubles as a form of rehabilitation for seniors who have recently gone through physical trauma.

On the project’s website, Hippo is described as “playful rehabilitation” that is “a source of meaningful social engagement and empowerment for seniors after physical trauma”.

Intended for seniors experiencing depression following physical trauma and their caregiving family, this game promotes interactions while moving past memory loss, cognitive degeneration or challenged mobility.

Through this type of playful rehabilitation, it relieves power struggles between seniors and their caregivers.

The game is named Hippo, derived from the word ‘Hippocampus’, a part of the brain critical for memory storage and recall.

[via Emily Carr University of Art + Design]