28 March 2014

Photographer Captures Fascinating Portraits Of Ornamental Chickens

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Singaporean photographer Ernest Goh has an eye-opening photo series that documents the strange world of chicken beauty pageants in Malaysia.

In his travels to the country, he encountered a unique breed of chicken called the ‘Ayam Serama’, an ornate bird prized for its appearance and not its meat.

These strange birds have decorative plumages and have no qualms with striking fabulous poses like an actual model.

The images below show the ‘fowl-cinating’ birds posing for Goh as he snaps away at them. The images were taken from his aptly titled book, COCKS: The Chicken Book.

He also has a mini-documentary that talks more about the Ayam Seramas and the beauty pageants that they participate in.

Click to watch the video below:

[via Peta Pixel, images via Ernest Goh]