31 March 2014

A Nostalgic Short Film That Pays Tribute To Volkswagen’s ‘Hippie Van’

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Last year, we said good-bye to Volkswagen’s iconic “hippie van”. It appears that the van would like to bid a fond farewell to us too, as the YouTube channel Volkswagen Brasil has come up with a short film to pay tribute to this iconic vehicle.

Told from the point of view of the Kombi, this nostalgic film shows how this van was conceived and manufactured. The film also thanks the most loyal fans of the van, who have stuck by it through thick and thin.

The Kombi also “gave” these fans some parting gifts to remember it by—the presents include a sketchpad shaped like the van itself as well as its various auto parts.

Bid this van farewell as you watch the video below.

[via Volkswagen Brasil On YouTube]