31 March 2014

Eye-Opening Photo Series Depicting An Iran That Most Will Rarely Get To See

Iranian photographer Hossein Fatemi has released an eye-opening series entitled ‘An Iranian Journey’, in which he went in exploration of a side of Iran that people very rarely get to see.

When people think of a nation like Iran, what comes to mind is a country plagued by instability, an oppressive government, and women who are cloaked in black from head to toe.

But what the photographer reveals with his lenses is “a semi-hidden part of the country” that goes against what the media has always portrayed on television and in the news.

A salon only for women, where men are not allowed to enter or work.

A private rock concert. Rock music is forbidden, so shows like these are usually kept hidden.

Two women drink and dance at a party.

A gym only for women.

A man and his dog relax at home. Dogs, which are considered unclean and so are not often kept as pets, are usually kept indoors by their owners.

Two women play pool at a billiards hall, where only men are supposed to be allowed.

A local rock band practices in secret.

Two women uncover their heads, light up a cigarette, and relax on their balcony.

A customer tries on a bra while other women discuss undergarments in a store.

Free-form exercise and parkour outside.

[via My Modern Met, images via Hossein Fatemi]