27 March 2014

Hilarious Photos Of Celebrities Reimagined As Hipsters

Online marketplace for design services DesignCrowd recently concluded a just-for-fun contest on the 17 March 2014 where they reached out to the designers in their community and asked them to take hi-res photos of celebrities and ‘hipster-fy’ them.

The guidelines were, "Think of hand-me-down skinny jeans, thick framed glasses, vintage cameras, beards, maroon beanies, Dr. Martens, fixed-gear bicycles and non-descript tattoos".

The results? 195 hilarious and imaginative submissions from 98 designers that are just too darn awesome. But they had to pick one winner, and the honor went to Free Imagination, who reimagined Leordardo DiCaprio as a dapper hipster in his matching suit-and-shorts ensemble, accessorized with the requisite hipster glasses, bow tie, and bright red socks.

Scroll down to see the more of the submissions.

[via My modern Met, images via DesignCrowd]