31 March 2014

Shutterstock Unveils Swanky Manhattan Headquarters In The Empire State Building

Stock photography agency Shutterstock recently moved into its brand new office in the Empire State Building, one of the most iconic buildings in the heart of Manhattan and in the world.

Its modern and bright 85,000 square-foot headquarters features a reception area with 24 screens displaying images and real-time data, themed rooms like 8-bit and Alice in Wonderland, select furniture, a cafeteria offering an extensive array of cuisines, cozy nooks and corners for employees to relax, a yoga studio and a steampunk-inspired secret library.

The company estimated that its new swanky location would reduce the commuting time of its over 300 employees by three minutes each way. It also reviewed 50,000 hours of meeting time within a seven-month period to determine how many conference rooms to build.

Check out some photos of Shutterstock’s new office below.

[via Visual News, images via The Shutterstock Blog]