31 March 2014

Vintage Photographs Of Paris Blended With Present-Day Scenes

Porte St Denis.

The team at Golem 13 has come up with this cool series that blends vintage photographs of Paris with present-day scenes.

These vintage photographs were taken during the 1900s, and this mash-up is meant to show how the city has changed within a century—we see that the monuments retain their majesty, even as the styles of Parisians and the types of vehicles allowed on the road have changed with the passing years.

View some of the more intriguing images below, or check out the entire series here—isn’t it fascinating to see how a city has evolved?

Place du Palais Royal (Louvre).

The statue of La Place de la République.

Notre Dame de Paris.

Place de République.

Quai des Grand- Augustins, during the flood of 1910.

Place de l’Opéra.

Place de la Bourse.

Rue du Faubourg du Temple.

Le Moulin Rouge.

[via Golem 13]