27 March 2014

UNIQLO Unveils A Colorful Installation That Mimics A Refreshing Spring Breeze

Based in Tokyo, architect and designer Emmanuelle Moureaux has created a colorful installation for UNIQLO’s “LINEN” spring line.

As linen is a breathable cloth with a smooth and supple texture, Moureaux drew inspiration from this material, creating this work of art to mimic a refreshing spring breeze.

This installation is made up of 100 shades, and will be installed at the Ginza flagship store before moving on to the fashion chain's other boutiques, such as the one located at Fifth Avenue, New York, and the outlet along 311 Oxford Street in London. This work of art will be set up in 26 cities and 8 countries, bringing the joy of spring wherever it goes.

Check out this installation below.

[via Urdesign]