27 March 2014

Intern Creates Awesome LEGO-Themed Résumés, Sends Them To Her Dream Agencies

A soon-to-be account management intern by the name of Leah has created LEGO-themed résumés and mailed them out to her dream agencies.

Leah’s résumés take on the look of LEGO modeling kits, creatively using language to tell us about herself—“Build the perfect Account Service intern,” one reads, and she states that she is “Great with people ages 6+”.

She stated that she created these résumés using her “extremely basic graphic design ‘skills’”, even taking the time and effort to change the color scheme of each one so that they matched the brands of the agencies she would like to work at.

Another agency requested for a “persuasive advertisement”, so she made a large poster to accommodate them.

Check out her résumés below—would you hire Leah?

[via Adweek and Pastlightspeed on Imgur]