30 March 2014

Adorable Ice Mold Lets You Chill Your Drink With Gigantic ‘Frozen Peas’

The cube is the most commonly used shape for making ice at home because it is convenient and easy—however, perfectly round ice balls definitely look a lot prettier than blocky ice bricks.

Inspired by peas in a pod, the “Frozen Peas” ice mold is a brilliantly simple way to create awesome ice spheres in your home freezer.

Peel back the flaps of the gigantic “pea pod” to fill it with water—this innovative ice tray stays upright in the freezer to prevent spillage. After the water has frozen, squeeze out the “frozen peas” into your drink.

In addition to being a fun way to impress guests at a party, these Frozen Peas ice spheres also melts 80% slower than ice cubes, which means that they keep drinks extra-cold for a longer period of time and would not water down a beverage as quickly.

You can purchase the Frozen Peas ice mold here.

[via Zilla Magazine]