27 March 2014

A Solar-Powered Table That Uses Indoor Light To Charge Your Phone

London-based designer Marjan van Aubel has created the “Current Table”, which uses a solar cell to absorb light and convert it into electrical power for charging your phone.

Using a method similar to photosynthesis, this table is able to generate an electrical current from indoor light, a resource that was previously untapped.

According to van Aubel, “You don’t need any running cables anymore. It means you can put the table on any place in the world you want and charge your devices anytime. It’s a work surface and a battery. You can plug in your devices through integrated USB ports on the side of the table, which offers a natural and sustainable solution to a work unit, fitting seamlessly into daily life.”

Featuring a series of USB ports, the table can take up to eight hours to charge fully, depending on the intensity of the light source—to replenish the battery of your iPhone, a full day’s charge is required.

Read more about this futuristic table here—would you like to have a work desk like this?

[via Dwell]