31 March 2014

Google Teams Up With Nintendo, Releases Pokémon In Google Maps

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Always wanted to become a ‘Pokémon Master’? Well, now you can be one thanks to Google’s April Fools’ prank.

Teaming up with Nintendo, the search engine giant released a video advertising for an augmented reality Pokémon game that takes place in Google Maps. In Google’s version, 150 of your favorite Pokémon characters have been released into the world, and it’s your job to catch ‘em all.

To play, simply get the latest version of Google Maps on iPhone or Android, and tap the search bar. See the tiny Pokéball icon and ‘press start’? Press that, and your quest will begin.

The main goal is to fill up your Pokédex with all 150 Pokémon. They are hidden all over the world, so you’ll have to zoom into certain areas to spot and catch them. You can also view your progress by opening your Pokédex, which will show you all the Pokémon you have caught thus far.

Will you become the next Pokémon Master?

Check out Google Map’s promotional video below: