6 March 2014

Copywriter Travels Across The US To Work At 14 Agencies Over 14 Months

We previously featured a British copywriter who turned himself into a fake medication to advertise his services. On the other side of the pond, fellow copywriter Steve Taylor has embarked on an ambitious project where he travels across America to work at various creative agencies around the country.

The Great Agency Adventure’ sees Taylor hitting 14 agencies over 14 months, and documenting his experiences crafting copy for them on his website. The agencies he has visited or will be visiting include We Are Social in New York, Recess Creative in Cleveland, Ohio, 97 Degrees West in Austin, Texas, and Pollinate in Portland, Oregon.

Taylor’s entries are written in an engaging manner, offering thoughtful observations about the environment and working style of each agency. It’s not all work and no play, as he also finds time to take in the sights and sounds of each city he visits.

Aside from being a memorable once-in-a-lifetime experience, the project is a fun way of exchanging creative ideas, learning about different cultures, making friends, and developing new understandings about advertising.

Ultimately, Taylor hopes to provide an insightful view of the creative industry and plans to turn his experiences into a book. He welcomes suggestions on events, places and restaurants to check out, and would love to meet for a drink and a chat if he happens to be in your city.

Find out more about ‘The Great Agency Adventure’ at Taylor’s website and follow his adventures here.

Would you like to go on such an interesting journey as well?

[via The Great Agency Adventure]