25 February 2014

A Futuristic Dress That Becomes Transparent When You Get Turned On (NSFW)

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Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde has designed a strange dress that becomes transparent when the wearer gets turned on.

The dress, which is called “Intimacy 2.0”, is made up of smart opaque e-foils that become transparent when the wearer’s heart rate speeds up. This strange piece of clothing is meant to be worn in the bedroom.

Roosegaarde first stumbled on this material when he went to a few electronics manufacturers—the opaque e-foil was regarded as trash by one of the workers, but the designer saw that this material could be of use to him and bought it.

Since then, the designer has sold his first line of dresses—a newer version of this line, “Intimacy 3.0”, is also being developed with high fashion brands.

The designer can also customize the dress according to his client’s wants—he programmed a dress to recognize the voice of his client’s lover and to respond based on his commands.

One of Roosegaarde’s clients is Queen Máxima of the Netherlands, who suggested making a dress for men—this idea is currently in the works, as well.

Would you wear such a strange futuristic dress?

Watch how the dress transforms in the video below.

[via Lost At E Minor, VICE magazine, video via Vimeo]