26 February 2014

A Look At The Different Visual Identities Of Europe’s Governments


The German design website Design Tagebuch has written an article that analyzes the identities of Europe’s governments.

These identities reflect each country’s history and culture—France’s logo pays tribute to Marianne, who represents the triumph of the country after the revolution. However, the font for each department is different, which makes for a less cohesive identity.

The logo for Germany is crisp and clear, while UK’s logo mixes history and modernity by featuring the Royal coat of arms and using the font Helvetica. The use of different colors to differentiate each department is clever as well.

Some visual identities, like those of Poland and Austria, are in need of some redesign work—the different colors and fonts seem to clash when put together.

What do you think of these identities?


The UK

The Netherlands, font by Peter Verheul.



[via Design Tagebuch]