27 February 2014

Designer Charts The Evolution Of The Warner Bros. Logo In The Past 90 Years

Warner Bros. Logo #13 (2011- )

Designer Christian Annyas has compiled a neat collection that shows the evolution of the Warner Bros. logo over the past 90 years.

Annyas started this project in 2009 after noticing that the movie studio frequently used custom logos to reflect its movies, and has since amassed more than 300 images cataloguing its 13 main logos and over 200 variations.

The logos offer an interesting look at the evolution of the distinctive Warner Bros. shield, such as when it changed ownership thrice, to Seven Arts in 1967, Kinney in 1969 and Warner Communications Inc. in 1972. In 1984 the shield returned to being set against a cloud background and has been a constant ever since.

Head over here to view all the designs and learn more about how the Warner Bros. logo has evolved.

Warner Bros. Logo #1 (1923–1929)

Warner Bros. Logo #2 (1929–1934)

Warner Bros. Logo #5 (1948–1967)

Warner Bros. Logo #9 (1970–1972)

Warner Bros. Logo #12 (1998- )

[via Brand New and Warner Bros. logo design evolution, images via Christian Annyas]