28 February 2014

Designer Creates A Tiny 8x20 Foot House On Wheels To Live A Debt-Free Life

Web designer Alek Lisefski wanted to live “a simpler, more conscious, debt-free life” and did not want to have to pay high rents for a home—his solution is the “Tiny Project”, where he would build a micro-house on wheels that measures just 8x20 foot.

Having designed and built every inch of this unique home on his own, he has recently towed this mobile house from Iowa to its current location in Sebastopol, California.

While it is indeed tiny in size, a peek into this micro-house shows that it has everything Lisefski, his girlfriend and his dog needs to be comfortable—a living/working area, a miniscule kitchen and a loft bedroom.

Find out more about his ambitious micro-living plans on the Tiny Project’s website—would you like to live in a house as compact as this one?

[via Apartment Therapy]