26 February 2014

Give Us Your Best Caption: Like My Beard?

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We understand that creativity can sometimes be hard to come by, which is why we will be featuring an image every day from Imgembed, a platform from our global creative network that promotes the fair use of online images, for you to caption.

Designed to be the ‘new standard for online image use', Imgembed lets bloggers and web publishers use images fairly and ethically, directly from creators.

In our ‘Image of the Day’ segment, you (yes, you!) are invited to provide us with your most creative caption to describe the image above. Simply send us a tweet with the page’s URL and hashtag #tellapictale, or leave a comment below.

Winning captions (as always) will be featured the following day. Best of luck!

Yesterday's winning caption goes to Lewis Hilt: "Patty was a hit at the annual Xmen ball. Being able to generate fully formed burgers from her gob made her a star attraction."

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