27 February 2014

Are You Suited For Your Work Environment?

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Animals operate best when they live in habitats for which they are suited. You wouldn’t expect a polar bear to fare well in the deserts of Arizona or a rattlesnake to try to adjust to the North Pole. Similarly, a worker thrives when put in a workplace that matches her personality, ability, and needs.

Some mismatched employees overlook the problem. They may reason that having a job at all is sufficient in this economy, or they may hope their feeling of being out-of-place will disappear over time. Living with the status quo is oftentimes easier than breaking it.

If, however, you have a nagging feeling that you really aren’t working in the right place, it might be time to explore other options. Feeling that might mean you are not in the right place may include:

Dreading going into the office Feeling alone and like an outsider Needing to defend your priorities on a continual basis Decreasing confidence Fearing interaction with your boss Fighting back frustration at the way things get done Receiving criticism for attempts to improve your work Hiding your true personality and strengths to fit in

The next steps, such as searching for a different job or going back to school, can seem daunting at first. However, many people who commit to finding the “right” place to be end up realizing that action was less difficult than waking up every day feeling “like a fish out of water.”

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