27 February 2014

Anti-Smoking Ads Feature Children Who ‘Smoke’, Urge Parents To Quit

German advertising agency Jung von Matt has created three print ads about “passive smoking” that aim to raise awareness about the dangers of second-hand smoke, especially for children.

According to the agency, “Smoking is a bad choice everyone needs to make for themselves. It should not be made for others, least of all one's own children. Yet, second-hand smoke does exactly that: It forces non-smokers to inhale smoke. The closeness of parents and their kids makes it even worse. That's why we wanted to get parents to reconsider their behavior.”

The ads feature children who are being forced to smoke, simply by being near their parents—in one of the ads, a boy says, “I’d love to quit smoking. But my dad won’t let me.”

Making it clear how smoking can harm those closest to us, including helpless children, these ads should strike a cord with most parents.

View the rest of the ads from the series below.

[via Jung von Matt]